Monday, September 29, 2008

Allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man...

I became a father for the first time at the ripe old age of 37! Last May, my wife and I welcomed our beautiful daughter Grace into, as Ron Burgundy would say, this big blue marble.
However our wonderfully easy pregnancy - my wife's type 2 diabetes diagnosis aside - morphed into the absolutely hardest job I have ever known (and I thought castrating sheep was tough!). Not that I don't love our little Fozzie, as my wife nicknamed her, but man she needed to come with her own manual. So here I am four and a half months into fatherhood and it's enough to make an atheist hug the floor and pray. However there is no trading that first smile of the day, after yet another sleepless night, to lift your spirits and make you feel all is right with the world.
This space aims to document one man's journey down the path where countless dads have gone before. Hopefully through this 21-st-century father's experience you will see snippets of yourself and your little Fozzie. Its aim is to entertain and at times make you chuckle (laughter is the best medicine), by offering a true and unadulterated account of a man's life with baby. Ultimately the goal is to encourage other dads to come out of the closet with their stories and raise fatherhood from that 'thing you do on the weekend' to what it has become - a full-time job, with no training, vacation or pension, but with a kick-ass benefits package.
Now grab a brew, plant your overtired posterior into your most comfortable chair (no one will judge you if it happens to be in the bathroom), turn the lights down - if you haven't already - and read about one dad's tightrope dance to raise a healthy, happy and 'normal' girl.

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